Damien Francois

Point of Rupture

Through the exploration and exploitation of the multitude of possibilities that glass offers, I approach issues of perplexity and uncertainty in my work. My investigations are based on several bodies of work that inform and influence each other.
The glass is able to take on many manifestations, which I manipulate for physical and emotional expression. I am searching for the tension between what is experienced as attractive and repulsive.
By using centuries of glass making traditions I endeavor to create my own perspective in a contemporary context.

Damien Francois
Born 1979, Reims, France

2007-2010 The Danish Design School, Bornholm, Department of Glass, Denmark
2009 Summer class by Mark Zirpel & Ben Wright, Pilchuck, Stanwood, USA
2006-2007 Engelshom Højskole of Bredsten, Glass and Ceramic, Denmark
1998-2002 Master from the Universi ty Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports activities of Reims and Grenoble, France

Work Experience:
2010 Brynhildur Thorgeirsdóttir and James Harmon, T.A., Pilchuck, Stanwood, USA
2009 Monitor / Technician Hot Shop, Pilchuck, Stanwood, USA
2009 Boyd Sugiki and Lisa Zerkowitz, Glass Assistant, Tacoma glass museum, USA
2009 Ben Wright, Glass Assistant, Tacoma glass museum, USA
2009 Chris Taylor, Internship, Rhode Island Design School, Providence, USA
2008 Contemporary Glass Museum, Glass Assistant, Ebeltoft, Denmark
2007 Glashagen Hütte, Kauffman, Glass Assistant, Glashagen, Germany


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