The Danish Design School, Bornholm

The Danish Design School, Bornholm offers a three-year craft programme that takes place at the school in Nexø on the island of Bornholm in close cooperation and rich exchange with The Danish Design School in Copenhagen.
The craft programme is a three-year advanced programme under the Danish Ministry of Culture.
The programme offered at the Danish Design School, Bornholm, provides an in-depth craft-oriented knowledge of techniques and materials, which qualifies graduates to design and develop glass or ceramics at a high formative and artistic level.

Over several years craft has developed to supplement the traditional emphasis on one-offs with experimental work, embracing concepts that reach far into both the realm of craft and new industrial processes. Through research, new technology and business collaboration on design solutions, we aim to challenge the boundaries for traditional craft.
With a foundation of sound craft-based knowledge of the practical techniques and materials, the programme aims to give the students qualifications at a high artistic level which enable them to shape and develop the craft of glass or ceramics. In their work with materials, techniques, form and theory, students must acquire the necessary technical, aesthetic and analytic qualifications for addressing tasks within glass or ceramics and related materials.
From 2010, The Danish Design School, Bornholm is a central part of The Danish Design School’s Centre for Glass and Ceramics. The school forms the setting for one of Europe’s small but leading educational environments in the field of glass and ceramics. We strive to create a dynamic hothouse for high-quality education, research and experimentation – and to add new perspectives within the field.

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