Nina Johanna Christensen


We are constantly going through metamorphose in order to adapt to our surroundings. The context that we are participating in is also part of us. Often it is hard to separate yourself from it even though it is convenient in some cases, in order to make conscious choices. With focus on the material of glass and its capacity, I have tried to break some of the "laws" from the "rule book" which stem from the traditions in the craft. I want to question the result of when we adapt to suit a situation as opposed to the occasions when we don’t.

Nina Johanna Christensen
Born 1985, Malmö, Sweden

2007 -2009 The Danish Design School, Bornholm, Department of Glass, Denmark
2006-2007 Kosta Glass Center, Kosta, Sweden
2005-2006 Bornholms Folkhögskola, Department of Glass, Denmark

Work experience:
2009 Steffen Dam, Glass artist, Ebeltoft, Denmark
2009 Anders Raad Glass artist, Copenhagen, Denmark
2007 Åfors glasbruk, Åfors, Sweden
2006 Bergdala Glasbruk, Bergdala, Sweden
2004-2010 Skilla music band, lead singer, violinist, songwriter

2010 “Formland”, Herning, Denmark
2009 "Working togheter", Grönbecksgård, Bornholm, Denmark
2008 "Needs", Grönbecksgård, Bornholm, Denmark

+46 709513964

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