“Made by Me” welcomes you to a thorough individual universe held together by a red thread: The mutual investigation of the potentials, challenges and limits of modern crafts within the field of Glass and Ceramics.

The exhibition introduces a wide range of different projects appearing to be saturated with the feeling of pride. It’s good being me – and it’s good being me, being part of a greater community.
And how can we characterize this community? It consists of a group of individuals presenting individual statements, but the energy and the power of all these individuals stem from the common context of being a student at The Danish Design School, Bornholm.

Bornholm, the rock solid Danish island in the middle of the Baltic Sea, seems to be a genuine frame for artistic experiments. Nature is ever present, and all the objects relate somehow to the notion of nature – real or mediated.

“Made by me” is about relations. The relation between you and me, them and us, maker and object, the visible and the invisible, the organic and the geometric, simplicity and complexity; and the over all question about how craft, nature, place, body and objects are interrelated. Each of the objects on exhibit offers a unique interpretation of these relations. But common to all is their profound investigation of the material. And materials do matter. The young makers play with the expectations of the viewer, pretending and teasing - creating objects that approach the observer in a provocative manner.

“Made by me” invites you to sign on for the journey. A journey where the familiar appears unknown, and where everyday objects are presented in a strange and even disturbing light.
At first glance the objects seem recognisable. But then you detect a vague notion of something, which is quite unexpected, tongue in cheek. And you realise that a slight twist has introduced an element of strangeness, which is quite incompatible with the well ordered and familiar.

All the objects tell their own story. And the stories are full of ambiguity. The approach might be straight forward, down to earth or it might be even philosophical or poetical. In any case the narrative unfurls right in front of the observer and invites him or her to take an active part in the story. They stimulate and arouse the imagination offering a unique experience. Absolutely to the point, no matter what the source might be: From fairytale to thrill or horror.

Welcome to the universe of “Made by Me”. Be surprised and be captivated by the creative power of our graduates, and embark on a journey exploring the yet unknown.

Anne-Louise Sommer,
Rector, The Danish Design School
June 2010


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