Terese William Waenerlund

Taste in Perspective

It fascinates me how we look at the things that surround us, how we use them and make judgements. It is like every item today has a secret meaning, a code that is one part of the users personality. My work explores the frames that these common judgment creates and how taste is a constant yet changing element depending on perspective. These are pieces of my inspiration.

Terese William Waenerlund
Born 1982, Kungsbacka, Sweden

2007-2010 The Danish Design School, Bornholm, Department of Glass, Denmark
2005-2007 National School of Glass, Orrefors KY, Sweden
1999-2001 Industrial Design Polhemsgymnasiet, Gothenburg, Sweden

Work experience:
2007 Novy bor, Czech Republic
2007 Orrefors, Sweden
2008 Holmegaard Glasverk, Denmark
2009 IKEA of Sweden, Älmhult, Sweden
2009 Ushio Studios, Kanagawa, Japan

+46-736 2175

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